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I have always loved film. My passion for looking at movies differently began at age 15, when I watched the ''Making Of'' extra for Saving Private Ryan. During this, I saw the war films Spielberg used to make as a boy and thought, ''I can do that.'' So I did. I studied dialogue, and film technique, and bought editing software with the money I saved working that summer; and then I made a movie called Saviors From the Sky. It didn't win any awards and featured my 13 year old brother and some of his friends acting like soldiers, but it opened a new world for me. Since then, I have never stopped watching films, and trying to learn what makes them so good by studying the details that go into each one. 

I love that film gives you this complete immersion into a new universe, and bringing characters to life is what great stories are all about. I want to be able to produce and write great stories, about great characters, that take you on the adventures movies did with me when I was growing up.


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